Revealing hair care tips to make clouds always smooth and healthy

Having healthy shiny hair with simple home hair treatments does not take much time.

Since ancient times, our country has had a saying: “The tooth of the hair is the human root”. Indeed, the hair seems to represent the beauty of each person. Smooth and bouncy hair is the dream of many women. Besides the steps of using conditioner, conditioner, and hair conditioner to keep hair soft, there are many other simple but very effective hair care tips. Let Blackhair101 explore these methods through the following article.

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Cool dry and rinse hair with cold water

Many people often think that washing hair with warm water will relax the mind and stimulate blood circulation on the scalp. However, for stronger shine, you should rinse it with cold water in the last step.

On the other hand, the high temperature drying inadvertently affects the hair fibers, making it easier for hair to dry out and damage. Instead, dry your hair on a cool dry setting for 2-3 minutes. This method closes the hair cuticles, making the hair strands stronger and smoother.

Use a thin comb to brush while your hair is wet

Usually, many people wait for their hair to dry completely before combing. This makes the hair more frizzy and frizzy, making brushing difficult. Instead, brush your hair while it’s wet. This method helps hair smoother and easier to fold. Note, you should choose a wide tooth comb to avoid hair loss.

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When it is almost dry, braiding hair creates natural wavy hair

This is a hair care method to give the clouds a gentle curl. First, you wash your hair clean to remove dirt from the scalp and hair. When hair is about 70% dry, apply a small amount of styling gel to it and braid it. This method is great for braids, so you should loosen your arms to give your hair a slight volume. When your hair is completely dry, you just need to untie your hair to get natural wavy hair. This is a simple and effective way of styling without the help of heat tools.

Dry the hair in the opposite direction

This method is simple, but the effect is very high. The way to do it is quite simple: after you wash your hair, dry your hair with the opposite direction or bow. This is a hair care method to help keep the cloud flowing naturally.

Is drying hair damaging as you might think?

Is drying hair damaging as you might think?

According to experts, not using the dryer after washing is actually a habit that damages your hair.

Spray dry shampoo all over hair

Here’s a hair care tip from professional hair stylists. Instead of just spraying dry shampoo on the roots of your hair, spray a thin layer over your entire hair. This helps the hair become fluffy in no time.

Scalp massage

Scalp massage helps blood circulation circulate, stimulates hair growth effectively. While washing your hair, in addition to hair cleaning movements, use your fingers to gently massage your scalp in circular motions for a few minutes. Performing regular scalp massage not only makes the hair longer, but also strengthens the hair.

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Use hair wax to straighten curly hair

For girls with naturally curly hair, straightening hair doesn’t seem easy. One way to take care of your hair without the need for a clamp is to use hair wax. You apply a small amount of wax all over your hair. Use a combing brush evenly and tie the hair loose for 10-20 minutes. Use a silk scarf to wrap around your hair. When you remove the towel, you will notice that your hair is more straightforward, even lasting for hours afterward.

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