Seo Ye Ji transforms beautifully with hairstyles in “What if Crazy”

When dyes turn into a trend, Seo Ye Ji is still impressed by her dark hair that is transformed into many styles.

Throughout the film It’s Okay To Not Be Okay (roughly translated Crazy, whySeo Ye Ji always makes viewers overwhelmed by her beautiful beauty. “The girl” Ko Mun Yeong, played by her, possesses a confident and charming figure and charisma. Besides the dewy background, the regal eyebrows, Seo Ye Ji’s well-styled hair are also the bright spots that make viewers fall in love. We invite you to take a look at the way she “crazy female” transforms her long black hair into beautiful “memorable” hairstyles.

actress Seo ye ji

With only long black hair, Ko Mun Yeong has transformed with many diverse and attractive styles.

Long straight black hair – the trademark of Seo Ye Ji

You can’t talk about “crazy female” Seo Ye Ji without mentioning her long straight black hair. It is part of the charismatic charisma and regal look of Ko Mun Yeong in the movie. Back a few years ago, long black hair was the hairstyle that made women fall in love. Currently, besides other dyed hairstyles, Seo Ye Ji’s long black hair is still outstanding and attractive.

Her long straight straight hair is simple and often neglected in real life. This hairstyle brings a luxurious and strong feature to the person. If you are a fan of Korean movies, you will definitely come across stylish “big sisters” appearing with this hair. And the character Ko Mun Yeong played by Seo Ye Ji is one of them.

long straight hair seo ye ji

Long, straight hair is simple, but has never been outdated.

Gentle, seductive wavy hairstyle

Curly is always the first idea when she wants to “change the wind” for straight straight hair. Therefore, Seo Ye Ji’s curly hair is also enthusiastically promoted in the movie. Strong, personality straight hair is replaced with soft, flowing curls. However, the beauty of her “female monster” still exuded an irresistible charm.

hair curling seo ye ji

The curling hairstyle is suitable for character shape and helps her sublimate her beauty.

This is not a new hairstyle for beauty followers. Even the wavy hairstyle is a bit classic. This hairstyle of Seo Ye Ji is extremely well-groomed, exuding charm and temperament. Whether loose or tied for the first half, Ko Mun Yeong is still irresistibly beautiful.

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Seo Ye Ji in a royal, charismatic bun

The bun is one of the most popular hairstyles that never go out of style. For a long time, high-twisted bun hair has always been a model for a regal beauty, temperament. That is also the reason why Seo Ye Ji is very diligent in wearing this hairstyle in the movie. Seductive, luxurious and yet youthful is the advantage of the curly bun. Therefore, this is the hairstyle that has always been “loved” by women for many years.

hair bun ye ji

Seo Ye Ji’s long hair is transformed into an elegant, luxurious and charismatic bun.

You can transform in many ways to create richer styles. Long hair makes the most beautiful buns. Use some styling mousse and adorn it with sparkling crystal staples. So you have a regal and attractive bun like Ko Mun Yeong in the movie.

The secret to

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Transformed feminine, gently with off-shoulder braids

Possessing a rather small face, long hair makes Seo Ye Ji’s face more balanced than her overall physique. Thanks to that hair, the image of the “monster girl” is even more magical and attractive. However, the “witch” writer can also conquer many different shapes. The female monster has had a spectacular transformation with a sweet beauty with a feminine braided hairstyle.

braided hair seo ye ji

Shedding the image of “big sister”, the “female monster” turned pure and sweet, making viewers be confused.

Off-shoulder braids are hairstyles that will make women look sweeter and more attractive. With this hairstyle will help you transform the “muse” in all circumstances. In the movie, the female monster’s shoulder braids are combined with a little curly variation. This brings out the charming, gentle beauty that attracts all eyes.

Make up for the New Year in a clear style like the morning dew of Song Hye Kyo

Make up for the New Year in a clear style like the morning dew of Song Hye Kyo

After the film Encounter, Song Hye Kyo once again made beauty believers admire her pure beauty.

“Shedding body” with a youthful, personality-length lob

Seo Ye Ji’s long black hair in the first episodes impressed the audience. Because that classic, delicate hairstyle helps her look seductive and beautiful. Many people still think that hair will be “the brand” according to her until the last episode. However, in the last week’s episode, Kim Soo Hyun’s new muse suddenly lost her hair. Seo Ye Ji has “transformed” herself with the image of shoulder-length lob hair.

Many viewers expressed regret over Seo Ye Ji’s long hair. However, you cannot deny that even with a change in hair, the beauty and charm of the female monster will not be relieved. Lob hair is full of personality and youthfulness, in accordance with the inner progress of the character. If you take Seo Ye Ji’s hair length as a standard, you can cut 1-2 cm or less. In addition, the girls can also wear extra roofs. This will be a beautiful, dynamic hairstyle for every girl on the street.

short hair seo ye ji

Seo Ye Ji surprised the audience by “transforming” with a youthful, personality-level lob.

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