The beautiful hairstyles help you “cut heart” the opposite person

Whether it’s short or long, straight or wavy, the hairstyle you choose should partly speak of yourself. With just a few tips, you can completely transform familiar hair into a more stylish version.

With just over a week left, we will be in December – the last month of 2019. Have you fulfilled all your 2019 plans including testing new beautiful hairstyles? If not, don’t hesitate to make a difference for the last month of the year following the following suggestion from Blackhair101.

Forget about dyed hairstyles, this article will give you tips for transforming your hair quickly from a headband, hair curler or a curling / curler.

Chignon low bun

This is a hairstyle for ladies with shoulder length hair. Chignon low bun brings an elegant and chic look, suitable for cold mornings to the office.

There are different types of low chignon. The easiest way is to tie the ponytail low on the nape of the neck and curl it in a spiral and then fix it with a toothpick. This hairstyle does not have to be neat. It is the tangled natural hair that will make the charm of you. If you like an accent face, you can curl the cheeks into curls. Don’t forget a bit of styling gel or hairspray to keep your curls for a long time.

The hairstyle is loved by many busy ladies because of its convenience and personality.

You can refer to how to do a low bun with an aid tool like the video below. Just over 1 minute, you have a beautiful hairstyle for the end of the year to come.

In addition to the traditional bun styles, you can create your own new recipes like the one below. Don’t forget cute hair accessories such as large clips, pearl clips or large hair ties:

Loose wave

If you don’t want to tie your hair, you can create a wavy curl with a home curler. The length of the curls depends on your taste. This hairstyle works well with long hair or lob. You can easily find many tutorial videos on styling curls from Instagram to Youtube.

The waves are very hot hairstyles at hair salons. This hairstyle will make your hair fluffy and vibrant. However, because of the curl, this hairstyle does not hold for as long as other curls. You can consult with experts before deciding to do this hairstyle.

Wavy hairstyle combined with typical Korean flying hair:

Large headband

Take a look at Jessica Alba and her impressive pearl headband gives her some extra shine. You should learn this tip right away to stop your familiar straight hair from being boring.

the star's beautiful hairstyle

Jessica Alba’s beautiful hairstyle and headband caused “disbelief” to fans. Photo: Insider.

If you like soft fabric headband, you can take a look at Nicole Richie. You should choose silk headband because this material will soften your hair and will not subject your hair to too much friction.

Some other beautiful hairstyles with headband you can refer to:

Applique stone / pearl

Consider this pretty and easy-to-do hairstyle before every year-end party. You just need to hunt for pearl hairpins of various sizes and random attachments to your liking. The elegance of the pearl beads will help you shine just right and still make a good impression on everyone’s eyes.

If subtly combined with stone outfits, the spillover effect will be even stronger.

Straight clips with stoneware or small pearls are also great for lobsters. Instead of just clamping one piece, you should mix 3-4 together to make your hair more accent. There’s no need to line up, the creative freedom will give you more inspiration.

Beautiful hairstyles easy to do

Personality and nostalgia with the 60’s hair styling trends through beautiful hairstyles from Byblos (Fall – Winter 2019). Photo: Et Canada.

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