The cause of hair loss can start from a routine

The cause of hair loss can start from small habits that you do not expect.

Possessing a thick, healthy hair will make your appearance even more radiant. Therefore, hair loss is an “obsession” that causes many girls to lose their appetite and sleep, heavily affecting the spirit. When you encounter this problem, the first thing you need to do is determine where the hair loss is coming from.

1. Change many hairstyles, use many different products

Brushing, styling with too much heat or using tools too much can also cause hair loss. In addition, brushing your hair too many times will cause the hair to split. To have healthy hair, you should learn the steps of hair care before and after styling: Limit use of too many machines, do not use machines with high heat on the hair … You should use a towel to help your hair dry quickly instead of using a dryer.

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2. Tie a hairstyle for a long time

If you prefer a haircut, you should be careful with this hairstyle. When your hair is tied up and high, you inadvertently weaken the connection between the hair and scalp. Therefore, applying this hairstyle for a long time, you can face the problem of hair loss. To help protect the clouds, the girls should limit the above hairstyle. When tying and braiding your hair, avoid tying too tightly and should relax.

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3. Hormones

Unbalanced hormones are also responsible for hair loss. Hormones that help strengthen hair, such as estrogen, declining progesterone, and hormones that cause hair loss like androgens and testosterone go up. In this case, the girls need to see a specialist for advice and have the best solution.

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4. Take birth control pills

Some birth control pills can improve problems such as: relieving abdominal pain when coming to a period, a stable mood, a fresher skin … However, some drugs that are not suitable for the body can cause hair loss. Stop smoking also does not guarantee that hair will stop falling. Therefore, you need to supplement with other medicines that are good for your hair under the guidance of your doctor.

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5. Physical injuries

Having a baby and wounds will interrupt the hair growth cycle and cause hair loss. In addition, when you go through a series of events full of events and stress, the stream of clouds suffers and as a result the amount of hair loss increases. To overcome this problem, it takes time for your body to regain its health and hair to gradually recover.

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6. Stress

Stress in life and at work is also a common cause of hair loss for women. If the stress is released, hair will stop falling. So, you should look to exercises that release negative energy, both good for health and beneficial for cloud streams.

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7. Diet

Vitamin A is very good for health. However, if you take too much of this vitamin, your hair can fall out. To be sure, you need to measure the right amount. In addition, foods rich in protein and iron are good for rattan such as meat, eggs, fish, seafood, beans, seeds, spinach …

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8. Changing weather

When the weather changes, the body takes time to adapt. This will interrupt the regrowth cycle, causing hair loss. So, at this point, you need to add some nutritious foods to rattan.

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