The floating cloud stream is no longer a “distant dream” with the following hair sprays

Hair spray is a product you should not ignore if you want smooth, healthy, shiny hair.

Her grandparents used to say, “The tooth of the hair is of human origin”. Indeed, a smooth, healthy shine always makes a beautiful impression on everyone’s heart. In addition to cleaning and caring for the hair with specialized products, hair spray must also be an indispensable accessory for women. Please join Blackhair101 to learn about the uses of the most popular hairspray today.

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How is hair spray? What is the effect?

Hair sprays are nourishing products that have many uses such as hydrating, restoring and protecting hair. The product comes in the form of water that is used to spray directly onto the hair. This can be seen as an essential hair care step for healthy, beautiful, and healthy hair. Some specific uses of hair sprays are:

  • Supplement essential nutrients to make hair healthy, limit breakage, split ends
  • Provides moisture to keep hair soft and dry, frizzy.
  • Protect hair from the harmful effects of UV rays, the effects of high temperatures, chemicals …
  • Stimulates hair growth thanks to the ingredients of grapefruit peel, coconut oil …
  • Style and holds curls for curling hair without worrying about mess
  • Save the scent as a hair perfume
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Currently, on the market there are many different hair sprays. Invite you to Blackhair101 to review the most popular products.

Popular hair sprays

Tresemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray

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Tresemmé is a brand known for its intensive hair care products. Tresemmé hairspray is a useful heat-fighting product for damaged hair. Abundant content of keratin, protein and vitamins creates a protective film that keeps hair strong. Proven products can keep hair silky and smooth for up to 48 hours.

Le Petit Olivier

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Dry and damaged hair is the result of overuse of chemicals as well as the heat from constant curling and dyeing. Moreover, drying hair at high temperature also makes hair less soft and smooth and difficult to fold. Le Petit Olivier is a damaged hair care line under the brand of Taming cosmetics. Products extracted from olive oil, shea butter and argan oil help restore hair effectively. In particular, this hairspray does not contain parabens and phenoxyethanol, which are quite benign for hair and scalp. Products help nourish hair healthy, shiny, improve damage.

Urban Care Natural’s Intense Keratin Leave In Conditioner Spray

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The product is in the form of a hair spray that is specially formulated for severely damaged hair. The use of chemicals and the effects of temperature cause the hair cuticles to be washed away from the keratin layer, making the hair dry. Product under the Turkish brand is famous for its specially formulated rich keratin that provides a high recovery effect, making hair stronger and more shiny. The highlight is natural ingredients, free from parabens and silicone.

Periwinkle - Irresistibly beautiful tendency to dyed hair

Periwinkle – The irresistible beauty hair trend “stirred” Instagram

If you are a hair dye lover, you will definitely not be able to ignore this interesting hair color.

Kracie Ichikami

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Referring to hair spray lines, perhaps it is impossible not to mention Kracie Ichikami from Japan. Extracts from cherry blossoms, camellia, and fermented rice water have the effect of hydrating and keeping hair smooth. In particular, the gentle scent of cherry blossoms lingering in his hair is quite impressive. In addition to its moisturizing properties, it also protects hair from harmful UV rays. What’s more, the feminine pink packaging will make you fascinated as soon as you see it.

Sophia Collagen Hair Repair Water

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The highlight of this product is its groundbreaking formula combining collagen and keratin to help repair damaged hair. As a product from Korea, Sophia Collagen Hair Repair Water also balances the necessary moisture to improve weak, dry hair. Besides, the seductive fragrance stored on the hair is also a factor that makes many girls love this product.

Nashi Argan Instant Hydrating Styling Mask

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In addition to its good hold-up effect, the Nashi hair conditioner also softens and restores dry hair. The product contains argan fruit extract that penetrates deep into the hair cuticle, making the hair smoother and softer. In addition, Nashi hairspray also creates natural volume for hair, minimizing split ends.

Livegain Silky & Moisture

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Products are made into 2 unique layers of oil and water. While the oil works to help shine, create volume, and keep curls, water is the ingredient to hydrate and balance the hair’s pH. This product is suitable for hair conditioning and beauty purposes. Besides, Livegain Silky & Moisture also acts as a barrier to protect hair from the impact of heat when curling, stretching or drying. The gentle cool grapefruit scent brings a pleasant, refreshing feeling when using. Since the product has 2 layers, before using it, you should shake it well to increase the effect.

Cocoon Pomelo

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Finally, we cannot forget the hairspray from Cocoon Vietnam brand. This is a famous product and is favored by many familiar grapefruit peels. Maybe you do not know, grapefruit peel gives hair care effects not inferior to bodhi. In addition to the soft nourishing effect of hair, the essential oil of grapefruit peel also helps to strengthen hair and stimulate hair growth faster.

How to use hair spray

  • Wash hair cleanly, let hair dry naturally
  • When your hair is about 80% moisture, spray an adequate amount onto your hair
  • Note placing the spray bottle about 5-10cm away from the hair and spray on the hairline and hair shaft
  • Use your hands to gently massage the nutrients to penetrate deep into each hair cuticle

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