The idea of ​​dyeing bangs for a summer day is more brilliant

                            The idea of ​​dyeing bangs for a summer day is more brilliant

Introducing with you the new trend of hair coloring, helping you style F5 in a snap!

During the Summer days, it’s nothing more exciting than F5 itself in new hair colors. Recently, the trend of new and fancy bangs dyeing is a topic that many beauty followers spread. If you also want to challenge yourself with this trend, check out these tips to dye your bangs at home.

The secret to dyeing hair at home

Divide hair with a toothpick

Splitting hair into sections is a basic thing to do when dyeing. This way you will be less effortless in managing and applying color to the hair. You should separate sections of hair so that the color does not spill out in undesirable locations. There aren’t any rules for splitting hair, so you can use any of the aids, as long as the dyeing process is most comfortable.

Apply the dye to your hair

After neatly dividing the hair, the color scanning becomes easier. Be careful of evenly coloring the segments of your hair. At the same time go brushing from the roots to the ends. This action should be applied to all areas of the hair to avoid back combing, causing hair to become frizzy, uneven color.

hair dye - tattoo

Do not brush back to avoid frizz. Photo: Pexels.

Brush evenly after dyeing hair

Brushing your hair after medication is also common in hair salons. With a tooth comb, you won’t have to deal with dry hair clumped by dry colored areas. In addition, this hair brushing operation also ensures the color to evenly dye the curls. As well as a tooth comb to assist you in recognizing the under-colored hair sections, helping you to improve your hairstyle better, thereby creating an extremely vivid and satisfied hair color.

dye retention time

People often think that when dyed hair will turn out beautiful, the longer the dye is kept. However, this concept is not entirely true. Appropriate waiting time usually fluctuates between 20-45 minutes. If you wash too early, your hair will not have enough time to get the right color you choose, but for too long, the drug will adversely affect the quality of the hair as well as the scalp. Even thinning and breaking hair loss in the long run.

You should also pay attention to the no less hair conditioner. Many people often wash and rinse together after dyeing to save time. But you did not know that this will destroy the durable goods of the color layer you have just been waiting for. At the same time faster dulling time.

Choose your style

If you already know the effective method of dyeing, let’s go through some suggestions for summer hairstyles.

Break with pink

Japanese actress, Mone Kamishiraishi is famous for her television series Love you forever, causing storms with stylish pink hair dye. She only adorned half of her bangs with some highlighting. This shape of Mone made a strong impression on fans.

Gray smoky personality

During the latest comeback, member of the group Twice Chaeyoung made the public fidgety with his image. Despite pursuing the trend of dyeing bangs, Chaeyoung still combines with another dye to create his own highlight. In addition to adding smoky colors to her bangs, the singer also dyed ombre the same color at her tops.

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Roof dyeing style highlight

While the dyeing process will be a little more complicated, you will achieve the unique hair you want. If you want to create a highlight like KARD member Ji Woo, you can use two bright tones that are close to each other. For example, with this dye, Ji Woo applied a metallic golden color to the top half of his hair and gradually turned a smoky color toward the ends of the hair.

Variations with many colors

Unlike the usual black background hair dyeing style, Park Jimin in the show Good Girl appeared in a two-color style. Use the familiar iridescent blond for the bangs and dye the base of the hair a smoky purple. However, if you choose this dye you need to take care of the color very carefully as these are both bright colors, which tend to dull faster than dark tones.

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