The standard salon hair drying tips you cannot ignore

Hair drying seems extremely familiar and simple, but are you really drying your hair in the right technique?

The fluffy and sleek hair is the pride of women. For ladies, beautiful hair is one of the “keys” to bring an attractive appearance. Therefore, besides the factor of skin care, the girls are also very interested in hair care secrets. A beautiful stream of hair requires a meticulous conditioning process, from washing hair to styling steps. In particular, hair drying is also an important factor that few people pay attention to. This seemingly simple operation possesses more techniques than you think. Furthermore, the wrong technique of drying will also damage the hair.

So, how to properly dry and own hair salon standard hair? In this article, we invite you to listen to Blackhair101 hair drying methods revealed by experts.

Girl holding a hair dryer.

Is drying hair really as simple as you think? Photo: Pexels.

Wipe your hair with a towel before drying

After washing your hair, you should do two preparation steps before drying your hair. The first thing you need to do is use a towel to wipe your hair. Experts advise against drying while the hair is still too wet. A dryer dries hair by blowing heat. If you are exposed to heat for too long, your hair will become dry and lumpy. Over time, your hair will suffer damage. Therefore, wiping with a towel will minimize drying time with a dryer.

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Do not dry your hair while it is still soggy. Photo: Pexels.

Hair stylist from Los Angeles-Kiki Heitkotter shares that you should untangle your hair before drying. After you have wiped your hair with a towel, use a hair brush. You can choose to buy combs with a debugging function. This helps the drying process go faster, and at the same time keeps the hair in line and free from frizz.

The standard way to create volume for hair at home is the same as in a salon

The standard way to create volume for hair at home is the same as in a salon

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Use products that protect hair from heat

As mentioned above, high heat has a negative effect on the “health” of the hair. Therefore, you should equip your hair with a protective layer. Heat-resistant spray is an effective choice for you. These product lines have the ability to create a protective layer of heat while keeping the hair in line. What’s more, some brands add nourishing ingredients to help prevent hair breakage and split ends. This care step is suitable and essential for all hair types, especially dyed hair. High temperature is the leading factor in fading hair color. Similar to shampoos and conditioners, you should find yourself a heat-resistant product that suits your hair type.

Product Suggestions: TRESemmé Keratin Smooth, Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection.

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Before using the dryer, you should spray heat to protect your hair. Photo: Pexels.

Adjust the hair dryer temperature accordingly

Drying temperature is an extremely important factor. Not all hair types can tolerate heat. Each dryer has a variety of temperature levels to choose from, including how cool, warm and warm it is. You should adjust the temperature according to your hair type. If you have thin and weak hair, dry it on a cool, low heat setting. This does not damage and causes hair to break. As for thick and heavy hair, you should set the high temperature to minimize the time the hair is exposed to the heat source. In addition, you should invest in a good quality dryer. Choose models with effective thermal regulation and control.

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Choosing the right temperature helps prevent hair from damage. Photo: Pexels.

Hair drying technique

In order to dry hair effectively and safely, you can refer to the following drying tips. First, you should divide your hair into small sections. The thicker the hair, the longer it will dry and become more tangled. Therefore, the hair division will shorten the time and avoid tangles. This method is very suitable for girls with thick and heavy hair. When drying, start with the hair at the top of the head. Place the device about 15cm away from your hair to avoid burns and damage to your hair. During the drying process, do not focus on drying too long on a part of hair. This will dry or even burn your hair. Instead, you should move the machine along the hair sections.

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Drying technique is not too complicated and sophisticated. Photo: Getty Image.

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