The standard way to create volume for hair at home is the same as in a salon

Let everyone marvel at your lively bouncing hair!

The straight hair pressed against the head is often the sadness of many girls because they make your stylish hair not in style. Vietnamese women generally tend to have such straight hair. If you are in that crowd, you must still be struggling for hours in the salon with your barbers. The good news is that now, there are some home hair styling tips that will help you achieve that rightful wish.

create volume for hair at home

Puffy hair gives women a vibrant look. Photo: Pexels.

Scalp massage

If you have never had the concept of scalp massage, perhaps more than ever, this is the time to learn about it. Scalp massage has many benefits. In addition to increasing blood circulation, reducing stress, scalp massage also prevents gray hair and hair loss. In addition, proper scalp massage also helps to prevent neurasthenia, forgetfulness, insomnia …

That is the benefit of a scalp massage with health, what about the hair? Actual, xRubbing the scalp regularly will increase blood circulation to the follicles, thereby strengthening the roots of the hair and making thinning hair more fluffy. With the great benefits of scalp massage, should you practice scalp massage today?

choose the right shampoo for your hair type

The first important thing when looking for shampoo is to know what type of hair you belong to: dry hair or oily hair? The shampoo for straight hair and the oil will gently wash away excess oil; Shampoos for straight, dry hair will provide moisture without weighing down the strands. If your hair is oiling too much, you should probably consider washing your hair more often. On the contrary, if you have dry hair, limit washing your hair if you don’t need it. You can use dry shampoo to clean your hair if you have to wash your hair every day. Dry shampoos not only absorb excess oil, dirt and odors, they also help create volume.

Use dry shampoo

Waiting up to 2 or 3 days to wash your hair once for fear that washing your hair too much will harm your hair is not a good idea. Excess oil on the scalp is one of the main causes of flat, flattened hair and dandruff. Too much dirt and oil builds up, making your hair strands heavy. In this situation, the hair can not be as beautiful as your salon.

Dry shampoo gives the same volume as French women

Learn French women how to clean scalp from dry shampoo to always achieve the desired texture. Photo: Unsplash.

Shop yourself a good dry shampoo and keep it in your bag at all times. Dry shampoo has always been one of the hair care secrets of French women. She would use it to spray on the roots of her hair and use the tips of her fingers to gently thread each strand of hair to help her hair bounce life.

Wash your hair properly

Not everyone knows how to wash hair techniques like at a salon. However, a few tips for shampooing below you should master to add volume to your hair.

  • Use warm water to wet your hair before washing it. Warm water will open the cuticles, removing dirt or product stuck in the hair. Besides, when the hair is rinsed in warm water, the oil on the scalp opens up the cuticles so that they can absorb the oil.
  • Apply shampoo to the ends of your hair, then lather evenly across your hair. The ends are always drier and more brittle, so avoid rubbing too much.
  • Apply conditioner or mask to the hair shaft.
  • Regularly washing your hair will help improve blood circulation and eliminate dead cells.
  • Try not to wash your hair every day. This removes the hair’s protective layer and, as a result, weakens the hair, preventing it from reaching the desired volume.

Change the turn of the throne

The familiar part of the part may be familiar with your eyes, but over time you should make a different part of your hair. This tip can add natural volume to your hair, as well as help you discover new hairstyles.

Changing the center part of your hair is another trick to add volume.  Photo: Pexels.

Changing the center part of your hair is a little trick to adding volume. Photo: Pexels.

If you are leaving a left turn, try reversing to the opposite side. If your hair is a bit frilly and difficult to get into, you can use a spray of hair spray. Don’t limit your hair.

High bun when sleeping

After showering, gently curl your hair (when it is damp) into a loose bun above your head and secure with an elastic band. The next morning, when you wake up, you should see the roots are fluffy.

Another way to add volume to your hair while you sleep is to cover it with an elastic bandana. Put it on your forehead and wrap the damp hair parts around it until all hair is wrapped, holding tight with pins if needed. The next morning you’ll have beautiful Hollywood wavy curls.

Healthy hair treatment with natural herbs

Healthy hair treatment with natural herbs

Hair is one of the important factors that determine a woman’s beauty. However, in the context of increasingly polluting environment, we must do …

Drying technique also contributes to hair volume

A regular hairdryer can also help add volume if you know how. The way is extremely simple. Simply keep your head down so the hair falls in front of you and start drying from the roots to the ends. Alternatively, lift each section of hair and dry it upright to create a bouncy texture.

How to dry hair at home

The small drying trick can also help you create volume. Photo: Pexels.

Note that please adjust the dryer temperature accordingly. The lower the temperature, the more protected your hair will be. High heat makes your fragile hair more dry and damaged, and easily brittle. Ideally, let your hair dry naturally.

Choose the right hair brush

You should always be gentle with your hair and scalp. It is best to ignore the round metal combs. These brushes can heat up significantly when you use them with a hairdryer, which in turn can damage your beautiful hair. Brushes with hard teeth are also dangerous because they can break delicate hairs.

Most experts recommend combs from natural wild boar hair or combs made of flexible nylon. The above types of combs tend to glide through each strand of hair more easily, do not get too hot when used with a dryer, and are safe for hair. Finally, if your hair tends to be oily, don’t brush it several times a day. Over-brushing will cause the oil to spread from one area to another quickly. When your hair is greasy, you know it can’t be as fluffy as in the advertisements we usually see in magazines.

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