The Vietnamese star series proves the endless appeal of short hairstyles

Short haircut is a beautiful young automatic, the Vietnamese star series has proven this truth.

With short and stylish short hair, many Vietnamese stars have succeeded in “transforming” their new image. These short hairstyles not only increase the youthfulness, but also help a series of Vietnamese celebrities to confirm their modern and dynamic image in the public eye.

1. Ho Ngoc Ha

Appearing at the recent Blackhair101 Style Awards 2018 fashion event, Ho Ngoc Ha caught the attention of showing off her sharp and salty beauty in a short, curling hairstyle. If before, the image of “Queen of Entertainment” was always associated with long, bouncy hair, this retro-inspired hair is said to be very suitable for beautiful people.

The classic short curly hairstyle resonating with the luxurious look has helped Ha Ho assert the title of stylish lady.

Ho Ngoc Ha short hairstyle 2

Photo: Blackhair101

This new change has helped Ha Ho gain more impressive points for the audience.

Ho Ngoc Ha short hairstyle 1

Photo: Blackhair101

2. Ngo Thanh Van

Possessing a beautiful face as well as a standard body, Ngo Thanh Van always knows how to constantly renew himself. Simply by changing the short hairstyles, at the slightest curly curls, at the time of natural straightening … is there any style that she has never tried.

short hairstyle Ngo Thanh Van

Photo: Instagram Ngo Thanh Van

Loyal to short hairstyles for a long time, Ngo Thanh Van still impresses with the image of a modern woman in the hearts of fans. With a short bob hairstyle, gently hanging on the tail, the beauty looks extremely simple and gentle.

Short hairstyle Ngo Thanh Van 1

Photo: Instagram Ngo Thanh Van

3. Fairy Hair

It can be said that Toc Tien is one of the Vietnamese stars who “catches” the short-hair trend of the Vietnamese fashion village. This hairstyle is changed by the female singer in many different styles, from naturally straight and feminine, to curly and luxurious.

Hair Fairy Short Hairstyles 1

Source: Instagram Toc Tien

With a unique pixie hairstyle, the facial features of the female singer seem to be thoroughly exalted.

Hair Fairy short hairstyle

Source: Instagram Toc Tien

There are also times when the beauty changes the strong warrior woman’s style with the upside down hairstyle showing off her cold temperament.

Hair Fairy Short Hairstyles 1

Photo: Instagram Toc Tien

4. Bao Anh

Being attached to the princess image, the change from fashion style to hairstyle has brought Bao Anh a more impressive image. With each short hairstyle, vocalist Living away from him is not easy At the same time, she can pursue her personality style while building up the image of a charming, sweet girl.

Bao Anh short hairstyle

Photo: Instagram Bao Anh

The reverse hairstyle helps Bao Anh show off his delicate and sharp face.

Bao Anh short hairstyle 1

Photo: Instagram Bao Anh

If she wants to become more attractive and attractive, the female singer only needs to gently curl the tail to be able to master all eyes.

Bao Anh short hairstyle 2

Photo: Instagram Bao Anh

5. Miu Le

If the long hair brings charm to Miu Le, the short, slightly tomboy-oriented short hair helps the singer born in 1991 to show off her liberal and personality. This hairstyle helps Miu Le become more attractive, active and personality.

Short hairstyle Miu Le

Photo: Thanh Nien

Possessing a beautiful face, it is not difficult for Miu Le to choose suitable hairstyles.

Miu Le Short Hairstyles 1

Photo: ThePinsta

After a long time experimenting with a series of short hairstyles, the female singer has also “cut down” with pixie hairstyles and with her bangs.

Miu short hairstyle

Photo: Instagram Miu Le

Beautiful hairstyles that make up the brand of beauty Anne Hathaway

Beautiful hairstyles that make up the brand of beauty Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is a rare beauty that never fails with any hairstyle.

6. Nha Phuong

Nha Phuong used to make fans regret her decision to cut her long hair. However, she still looks trendy and gentle even with short hair.

Nha Phuong short hairstyle 2

Photo: GramUnion

To become more stylish and personality, Nha Phuong is not afraid to cut her hair shorter. Regardless of the hairstyle you choose, the beauty is still very beautiful, attracting all eyes.

Nha Phuong short hairstyle

Photo: JC

7. Chipu

Since changing her fashion style and being more trendy, Chi Pu has experimented with shoulder-length hairstyles. Undeniably, this hairstyle is very suitable for Chi Pu’s small face and smooth white skin.

Chi Pu short hairstyle

Photo: Instagram Chi Pu

Female singers born in 1995 often choose to curl hair roots to look younger and sweeter.

Chi Pu short hairstyle 1

Photo: Instagram Chi Pu

Lightly curly short hairstyle when accompanied by transparent makeup gives Chi Pu the true beauty of a Korean girl.

Chi Pu short hairstyle 2

Photo: Instagram Chi Pu

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