The way to tie beautiful hair with a low ponytail is simple and graceful

A low ponytail is great for when you’re busy but still want to be neat and beautiful.

Although your hair is always well taken care of by women, there will be a busy day of work that leaves you no time to take care of your hair. At this point, the simple hairstyles will be the perfect “savior” for you. Including a nice hairstyle with a low ponytail.

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Many people are afraid that a low ponytail will make the appearance look “softer” than other hairstyles. However, you can still create this beautiful hairstyle to become more unique and formal, such as the variation of braids, curly ends …

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Besides, the use of corduroy or metal hairpin with many shapes is also a good suggestion to refresh this seemingly boring hairstyle. The low ponytail is simple, but seems to be appropriate for almost any outfit.

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So how to create a nice hairstyle with a low ponytail? Here, Blackhair101 would like to suggest you the steps to perform extremely simple:

  • Step 1: Prepare a hair spray bottle or styling gel. Apply a little to your hair and use a round brush to gently brush it for smoother hair.
  • Step 2: Light drying for quick dry hair. Then, tangled and grabbed your hair back with your hands and tied the elastic. Note that it is not necessary to raise the ends of the hair too high, so lower it near the nape of the neck. When tying the elastic, you should not tie it too loose or too tight, keep it at a moderate level to give your hair a natural bounce.

Minutes of transformation with beautiful and creative hairstyles

Minutes of transformation with beautiful and creative hairstyles

Some nice hair ties you can do to change your style during the last months of the year.

  • Step 3: Take a few small strands of hair (maybe just a few strands is enough) to wrap around the ends of the hair, use clips to fix. This action is to hide the elastic, bring natural beauty to the ends.

With just three easy steps, you have a beautiful hair tie with a low and graceful ponytail. To add more creativity to your hair, you can add a gentle wavy line or add a ribbons that spread over your hair.

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