Top beauty Korean bloggers are both beautiful and good, you should follow immediately

If you work hard looking for the keyword ‘beauty’ or ‘makeup’ on Youtube, you will find the channel of many beautiful and talented bloggers. This is the place for you to consult beauty tips or useful product reviews. Especially, if you are a lover of Korean beauty or makeup trends, you will not be familiar with the beauty bloggers of Kim Chi. These girls are both beautiful and talented with many popular beauty tutorials.

To update new beauty trends as well as learn interesting makeup experiences, Blackhair101 would like to introduce you to the following talented beauty bloggers:


beauty blogger 001

Photo: Pony Syndrome

Dubbed the “makeup witch” in Korea, you cannot help but know this beauty blogger if you are a genuine beauty follower. Pony’s real name is Park Hye Min with the starting point of a Korean ulzzang (the word for a beautiful girl). Currently, Pony is one of the beauty bloggers that are very popular with young people in Korea as well as in Vietnam because of her beautiful face and great makeup skills.

beauty blogger 01g

Pony’s spectacular transformation into Taylor Swift once caused a fever in the beauty world. Photo: Pony Syndrome

She used to make a fever in the beauty community with videos that turned into celebrities like Taylor Swift, impressive Kylie Jenner. Besides, Pony is also loved by the easy and simple makeup tutorial videos.

beauty blogger 01a

Photo: kknews

Later, in addition to being a beauty blogger, Pony is also a makeup artist for many famous people in Korea such as CL – a member of the veteran group 2NE1. She is also the owner of a cult cosmetic brand in Korea. In 2010, Pony once released a make-up book for Asian beauty followers. More than 4.8 million followers on the Youtube page prove the irresistible charm of this multi-talented beauty blogger. Pony’s sweet and lovely beauty is one of the reasons why her Youtube followers have soared.


beauty blogger 002a

Photo: Daddoa

In Korea, Daddoa is loved by many young people, especially girls of school age. Daddoa’s real name is Lee Da Sol. She used to have a past of being ridiculed by her friends because of her poor appearance. So Daddoa realizes that physical beauty is quite important. Daddoa gradually changes himself and becomes more confident thanks to the delicate makeup. This is also the factor that makes it easy to see the “swan duck” makeup video on Daddoa’s page.

Daddoa’s videos are very close, genuine and easy to do. From the less fresh bare face, after only 30 minutes, the features on her face become more fresh and beautiful with simple makeup steps.

beauty blogger 002d

Photo: Daddoa

This beauty blogger also regularly posts makeup tutorials with many different styles from sexy to lovely. If you watch Daddoa’s videos regularly, you will notice that the background is very simple, such as a bedroom or a corner of the house. However, the detailed instructions as well as genuine product reviews helped this beauty blogger “attract” more than 1.2 million followers on Youtube.

beauty blogger 02c

Daddoa transforms cleverly in a makeup tutorial video. Photo: Daddoa


beauty blogger 03a

Photo: Somevely

For girls who love sweet makeup with pink and orange tones, it is definitely impossible to ignore Somevely’s Youtube channel. This girl’s real name is Park Somin. Like many other beauty bloggers, in addition to talented makeup skills, Somevely also possesses vast beauty knowledge.

beauty blogger 03

Photo: Somevely

Her videos on channel have received a lot of attention from young people. She regularly shares interesting tips for different makeup steps such as eyelash grooming, eyebrow painting, eyeliner, blush …

Find the differences between today's most prominent beauty trends

Find the differences between today’s most prominent beauty trends

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beauty blogger 04

Photo: Risabae

Few people know that before officially becoming a professional blogger, Risabae used to hold a managerial position at a skin care shop in the Gangnam district. Experience in consulting products and extensive knowledge about beauty are the factors that help Risabae’s channel “attract” more than 2.1 million followers.

beauty blogger 004a

Photo: Risabae

Like Pony, Risabae used to make young people excited with a series of videos transformed into Kpop stars such as IU, Tae Yeo, Suzy … Over time, Risabae gradually asserted her talent through diverse transformations in useful beauty sharing videos.

beauty blogger 004d

Photo: Risabae

In addition, this beauty blogger was invited to join the cult beauty program Get It Beauty channel OnStyle TV. Besides famous stars Dara, Miss Honey Lee, Risabae share makeup secrets and are supported by many people.


beauty blogger 05

Photo: Ssin

If you are a fan of personality and strong style, please follow this beauty blogger right away. Ssin is not only famous for specific makeup tutorials but also many people admire for her smooth, firm skin.

beauty blogger 05b

Photo: Ssin

Many newspapers in Korea have interviewed Ssin about her skin care tips. Ssin once impressed young people with the video of transforming into Jackson in the GOT7 group. With short hair and a tomboy style, Ssin is very popular with young dynamic people in Korea.

beauty blogger 05c

Ssin transformed into TOP in the Big Bang group. Photo: Ssin

Her forte is makeup like famous cartoon characters or Kpop stars. Ssin often posts short videos, focusing mainly on the make-up that highlights his eyes. In addition to being a beauty blogger, Ssin also participates in the program Get It Beauty.

beauty blogger 05d

Photo: Ssin

She also collaborated with Glossy Days and Unpretty Rapstar to launch her own cosmetic set. In particular, the list of videos “One Brand Makeup” (makeup with cosmetics belonging to a single brand) received many good responses from young people. In each video, Ssin also shares objective and honest reviews to help fans easily choose the right product.

Jenny Crush

beauty blogger 07

Photo: Jenny Crush

The sweet and attractive beauty is the first factor that makes you follow Jenny Crush’s channel right away. The videos of this beauty blogger have a Korean style with blushing cheeks, plump lips and charming eyes.

beauty blogger 07d

Photo: Jenny Crush

beauty blogger 07a

Photo: Jenny Crush

With more than 350,000 followers on Youtube channel, Jenny Crush is the name that makes you want to start learning makeup right away.

Haley Kim

beauty blogger 06

Photo: Hailey Kim

This is an Asian beauty blogger who proves that not all white is beautiful. If you are a girl with honey skin and often wonder about makeup, please follow Haley Kim’s channel. This beauty blogger sets a difference with minimal makeup tips. Specifically, Haley Kim only applies makeup in 2 steps, using lipstick color to adorn her lips and cheeks. Only a few simple steps that brighten the face.

beauty blogger 006a

Photo: Haley Kim

When you watch Haley Kim’s videos, you will feel comfortable sharing your beauty experiences and tips with a friend. On the other hand, Haley Kim attaches great importance to skin care. You can easily catch videos sharing her simple yet useful skincare steps.

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