Update beauty trends according to the zodiac in 2020

The keyword to beautify the zodiac in 2020 is to pamper yourself more!

So the end of 2019, we have together entered 2020 with many new plans and ambitions. For beauty believers, Blackhair101 is confident that there will be indispensable bullet points on body care and beauty in this new year. Among them will include ways to moisturize the skin, relax the body in the bath or trendy nail styles … As a gift for women in the New Year, Blackhair101 Will update the beauty habits for girls in 2020 based on the zodiac, read together!

Aries Palace – zodiac with strong looks and personality

KKW Beauty’s blasting kit will get you looking beautiful in 5 minutes. In this new year, enhance the edges of the face by adding more volume to the cheekbones. This makeup style will evoke the beauty of 90s supermodels.

beauty according to the zodiac 2020 KKW birch beauty creme contour highlight kit



The girls see life as a beautiful work of art that you are slowly discovering. Inspired by Pyer Moss’s Spring 2020 fashion show, these artistic nail designs blow a breath of fresh air for manicure enthusiasts, to unleash impressive creativity for their nails. me.

Beauty following zodiac 2020 arch of taurus nail

Photo: Enchantednailsbykellie.

beauty according to the zodiac sign 2020 sky moon shaped nails

Photo: Enchantednailsbykellie.


For a devotee of Gemini’s beauty, this year, you should focus on choosing a lipstick color to enhance the beauty of your lips. Girls of the Gemini zodiac, forget the rules of finding the perfect lip color. Try everything from smooth, matte, golden, and even the nude 90s colors!


As a child of the Moon god, in 2020, give yourself a silky, smoky look by adding moisture to your foundation. To get skin smooth, shiny, then the addition of moisture and the use of anti-aging products to reduce wrinkles is essential. A bright look will make you really shine this year.

beauty zodiac 2020 ants tatcha dewy skin cream

Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream.

Cung Lion – personality zodiac but still has its own feminine features

You were born to be disruptive and different, however, in 2020 let’s moderate that a bit. Limit the use of dryers or styling devices that use heat. Instead, try a simple ponytail with a cute little bow. A softer pose will evoke a glimpse from a different angle of the lethargic and adorable girl.


For the Virgo girl, in 2020, take off your fake eyelashes to make your eyes softer. Instead use mascara to brush your lashes for an attractive yet natural look, matching your simple and classy look.


The Thien Binh girl will probably be hesitant about changing her hair color, because most girls of this zodiac always like perfect colored curls. Instead of opting for eye-catching hair colors like sweets, try champagne or red wine colors (especially strawberry red and apricot colors) for a sizzling look in 2020. Colors This will add more depth to your look.

Scorpio Palace – the zodiac possesses beautiful eyes

Scorpio girls often have extremely charming, talking eyes that make the other person watch. Therefore, Scorpio’s eyes are the most noticeable place on her face. Inspired by Euphoria’s makeup, metallic colors glitter around her eyes. You can also paint the part under your eyes more vibrant. The sparkling eyes that lingered on his opponent were definitely the deadly weapon of this zodiac.


8 outstanding makeup trends for Spring 2020

8 outstanding makeup trends for Spring 2020

Invite you to Blackhair101 to update the “hot” makeup trends in Spring 2020 to promptly buy yourself the most necessary makeup items.


Sagittarius women love taking care of their body and pampering themselves. That’s right! Pamper yourself with Gunner beauty keywords in 2020. Soak in a bath with Himalayan pink salt or Epsom with rose petals and a few drops of warm essential oils. Not only is your skin a million times softer, you can also release stress and relax the mind at its best.

Capricorn – the zodiac always knows how to take care of yourself

You will become more beautiful every day, and that is why you should take good care of your face. Try changing your face cream and moisturizer on a regular basis for a youthful, fresh look. Using a gem roller will help revitalize your face. And try a vitamin C rich oil that will wake up every cell in the skin, brighten, and instantly energize the skin.


A Bao Binh girl will have a new look in 2020. Typically, the eyebrows will be reformatted. Based on the eyebrow style of model Cara Delevigne, you can draw a few more pencil strokes to make the eyebrows look more wild – in line with the unique and rebellious style of a Bao Binh. Meticulously shaped and groomed eyebrows add sophistication, uniqueness to your look and freedom.

beauty according to the zodiac 2020 archery of eyebrows

Dior Diorshow Precious Rocks Holiday Bold Brow Mascara.


Try a new look for your eyes with a neon eyeliner instead of the classic black cat eye draw. Neon eyeliner will be the product of the 2020 makeup trend. With colored eyeliner instead of traditional black, it will melt the opposite person’s heart. Soul window will be “highlighted” in many different vibrant colors.

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