Use a hair band to wear beautiful hair like the Gossip Girl movie star

Fall – Winter fashion 2018 marks the revival of headband accessories inspired by the fashion style of the trendy Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf.

Fashion fever named Gossip Girl It seems that there are still no signs of cooling when the “branded” hair bands, Blair Waldorf, has officially returned to the “race” season at the end of the year. Feminine, stylish but without losing the necessary features of a hair accessory, the headband is the design you should own in this Fall – Winter.

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The headbands appear in the movie Gossip Girl (2012) has become a source of inspiration for designers. (Photo: Refinery 29)

Effect Gossip Girl also spread in the Spring – Summer 2019 collections when a series of famous fashion houses like Simone Rocha, Miuccia Prada fell into high-end fashion-sounding headband. Step from the screen and the fashion catwalk to the real world, the connoisseurs can completely conquer this trendy accessory with the following combination suggestions.

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From left to right: The headband is varied in variations from Prada, Simone Rocha and Dolce & Gabbana. (Photo: Imaxtree)

Classic ribbon

The classic slim headband has never gone out of style for the loyal fan of this particular hair accessory. You can flexibly combine with diverse fashion styles, from feminine, modern urban to dynamic or seductive.

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(Photo: bintroo)

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(Photo: Collage Vintage)

Hair bands from pearls

Luxurious, feminine but equally stylish are the plus points of the pearl headband design. Not “picky” when combining outfits, pearl headband can be combined with luxurious dress designs or denim designs, personality leather.

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Pearl headband can be transformed with many different outfits. (Photo: sohu)

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(Photo: Collage Vintage)

Crown headband

The lovely crowns in her hair will be the perfect highlight for the look of girls who love the sweet style. You can leave it loose, tie your hair in a ponytail or a bun when wearing this headband. The crown headband will be a great choice for luxury parties or important events.

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(Photo: Hello!)

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(Photo: gotceleb)

Serena's impressive fashion in the movie Gossip Girl

Serena’s impressive fashion in the movie Gossip Girl

The fashion in the movie Gossip Girl of the characters, especially the trendy girl Serena, is what attracts viewers after the “rumors” …

Large headband

Similar to the thin hair bands, the large headband is not too “picky” when combining outfits. One big plus for this particular design, however, is its versatility. In addition to the trendy look, the large headband also helps girls hide their “less smooth” hair on days when you don’t wash your hair or when the weather gets cold, causing your hair to become tangled by static electricity.

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Large headband helps to hide the “flaws” in the girls’ hair. (Photo: Blackhair101)

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(Photo: Sohu)

Turban personality

Not only for the summer, the headband variations from turban towels are also very “good” with autumn – winter fashion. You can combine soft cloth headband with trendy suits or blazers. Fur headband helps to keep warm on colder days.

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(Photo: Style4u)

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(Photo: Imaxtree)

Luxury velvet material

Velvet headband is one of the favorite accessory trends of the Fall – Winter 2018 fads. As a perfect blend of classic and modern, the velvet headband will catch on. “With flying dress designs, trench coat or layered recipe for this Fall.”

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Velvet material is quite “picky” when combined with other outfits. You should pair with velvet clothing or materials with a moderate gloss. (Photo:

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(Photo: Venue)

Sophisticated attachment

The details of flowers, gemstones on the hairband will bring you a more luxurious, sophisticated and attractive image. The bound headband will be suitable for floral designs, motifs or sweet mini dresses.

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Besides flowers and stone crystals, rivet details or embossed motifs also appear on this season’s hairbands. (Photo: Fashionjacket)

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(Photo: Imaxtree)

Textured headband

From trendy umbrellas, geometrical details to flowers, a series of motifs spread on headbands will become vivid accents for your hair and appearance. When wearing a vignette, you should pay attention to combine with slippery clothes to avoid making the overall look confused.

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If you love a liberal style, you can let your hair fall off naturally. Riding a ponytail will be the perfect choice for girls who love dynamism. (Photo: Blondesalad)

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(Photo: Blondesalad)


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