What beautiful hairstyles help square-faced ladies enhance beauty?

The sharp square face will become more attractive if you know how to choose the right hairstyle.

Girls with square faces often make others jealous of their perfect facial structure. This is a face shape that gives women a sharp and attractive beauty. Angelina Jolie and Keira Knightley are two symbols representing the perfect beauty of the square face. However, the only minus point of this face is the rough edges. To conceal these defects, hair is the most effective solution. Choosing the right hairstyle helps you to accentuate the beauty of your face, while hiding the blemishes. Please join us Blackhair101 Take a look at the collection of beautiful hairstyles for square-faced ladies.

Personality bob hairstyle

This is a beautiful hairstyle that is “measured in shoes” for square-faced girls. Your bob hair wraps your face and conceals the corners. This helps to soften the face but does not lose the inherent sharpness. For the best effect, you can cut the back of the hair shorter than the front. Do not trim your hair too pointed to avoid roughening the face. In addition, stylish and stylish girls can dye their hair to become more fashionable.

Beautiful hairstyle-Bich Phuong.

Your face will be softer thanks to the bob hairstyle. Photo: Instagram @bichphuongofficial.

Long, curly hair for a gentle beauty

If you pursue a gentle and elegant style, a long, wavy hairstyle is the perfect choice. The beautiful hairstyle is like a stream of water gently embracing your face, cleverly hiding the rough jaw. The curly hair like a magic “spells” to make your face softer and more elegant. You can combine this hairstyle with diagonal or parting bangs. In addition, long curly black hair and smooth black hair is the recipe for luxury beauty of ladies.

Beautiful hairstyle-Tăng Thanh Hà.

Long, frizzy hair can help conceal the edges of your face, making the lines softer. Photo: Instagram @hatangthanh.

charming and outrageous with pixie hairstyles

Pixie is the name of the female haircut. This style gives you a youthful, personality and equally charming look. Pixie hair can accentuate sensual features of the face, neck and shoulders. This hairstyle is suitable for most facial styles. However, pixie combined with bangs is the most suitable choice for square-faced girls. The roof works to reduce the prominence of the angular jawbone. At the same time, letting the roof help your face become longer and slimmer.

Beautiful hairstyle-Bao Anh.

Hidden behind the personality look is the elegance and nobility of the pixie hairstyle. Photo: Instagram @ baoanh0309.

Variation of beautiful hairstyles for long-faced girls

Variation of beautiful hairstyles for long-faced girls

Hairstyles for long-faced people will help you shine and become more attractive.

Hair trim layers fool the visual

Recently marked a return to layer trim hairstyles. This unique and unique hair has won a lot of favor from women. Especially Asian girls. Besides the attractive appearance, the layer hair is also a “matching pair” for the square face. The way to trim the messy ends of the hair somewhat makes the edges forgotten. Combined with bangs to help your face slimmer. In addition, this hairstyle is very suitable for people with little or thin hair.

Beautiful hairstyle - Angelina Jolie.

The unconventional layered hairstyle is the perfect choice for a square-faced girl. Photo: Instagram @angelinajolie_offiicial.

Slightly feminine curly bob hair

An ear-fitting bob with a slightly curled tail gives a great effect on a square face. The hairstyle hugs the sides of the jawbone, helping to hide the square edges. As a result, your face can become softer and more graceful. To improve efficiency, you should add diagonal roof or skewed roof.

Beautiful hairstyle- Song Hye Kyo.

Lightly curly bob hairstyle gives you a gentle and attractive beauty. Photo: Instagram @ songhyekyo.ig.

Preserve the traditional beauty with long, straight hair

Long hair has always been a symbol of the traditional beauty of Asian women. Not as fussy as the above hairstyles, but the smooth, long hair always hides a charm that is hard to resist. Long hair preserves the simple and loving beauty of a woman. This is also the hairstyle that square-faced girls can try. The hair that falls on either side of the ear can conceal the jawbone. The girls can choose the length of their hair through their height and preferences.

Beautiful hairstyle-Hoang Thuy Linh.

Smooth long hair always hides the seductive Asian beauty. Photo: Instagram @hoangthuylinhofficial.

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