When Chinese stars reappeared the old age – The beauty of ten decibels (Part 1)

With Blackhair101 look back at the beautiful images of Chinese stars reproduced in cinema.

Many Chinese stars have made the audience fall in love when transforming into ancient beautiful women through high-quality films, carefully invested in image and acting. Typical of which must include:

1. Chau Dong Vu – Movie Cung To Tram Huong

When the movie announced news Cung To Tram HuongBesides Trieu Le Dinh, there is also the beauty of Chau Dong Vu – who is said to be the second favorite chicken of the golden screenwriter Vu Chinh when she takes on the role of the harem Tram Huong. The role of Tram Huong in the movie had to go through a lot of ups and downs and pain, so Chau Dong Vu had to act a lot of crying scenes and psychological struggles. Although Dong Vu did not take the lead role, Dong Vu shined thanks to her natural acting ability along with her own unique beauty.

Chinese star 7

Although Dong Vu did not take the lead role, Dong Vu shined thanks to his natural acting ability along with his unique beauty. Photo: Movie poster Cung To Tram Huong – Trieu Le Dinh (left) and Chau Dong Vu (right)

Talking about appearance, many people think that Chau Dong Vu is not beautiful and her young face cannot handle many colors. Not so. Because the beauty of Chau Dong Vu needs to be seriously evaluated and enjoyed because it is not a loyal beauty, but a beauty interwoven with the cleverness and innocence, freshness and calmness. Chau Dong Vu is the hope in the new generation of Chinese cinema, with the title of Oriental Lolita.

2. Tan Lam and Ngo Can Ngon – Movie Dien Hy Cong Luoc

Qin Lam

Recently, the new archery movie Dien Hy Cung Luoc is attracting a lot of attention and support from the audience. Not only because of the dramatic harem scenario but also because of the wet beauty of the real cast, including actor Tan Lam. In the film, Tan Lam takes on the role of the number one woman – Phú Sat Hoàng Hậu – who is both beautiful and gentle, fragile and sensitive inside. Therefore, even though she was loved and empowered by Hoang Thuong, she still could not keep her loved ones by her side and ended her own life. With bright eyes, high nasal waves, charming mouth and sharp hairs along with good acting, Tan Lam completed his role and received a lot of support from the audience. Dien Hy Cong Luoc is considered a milestone defining Tan Lam to officially return to the golden age of his acting career.

Chinese star language 11

Although she is in her forties, but Queen Phu Sat – played by Tan Lam – is still very young and prominent among the immortal cast. Photo: Movie poster Dien Hi Cong Luoc

Ngo Can Ngon

If you can make a comparison, Ngo Can Ngon and Chau Dong Vu have a similarity, that is: Limited beauty but redundant acting, capturing the audience’s love. In the film Dien Hi Cong Luoc, Ngo Can Ngon plays Wei Anh Lac – a new character line exploited for the first time in the Chinese archery film genre: intelligent, resilient heroine … and tit-for-tat. . Many people said it was fun [..] When you are the last boss, the writer will also write the story for you, making the audience watch the movie “hustle and bustle”. Finally, Wei Anh Lac also received a worthy reward for himself, becoming the noble Order of Y Hoang not well known in eternal history books. The great success of Dien Hi Cong Luoc was a good start to Ngo Can Ngon’s career.

Chinese star 14

Limited beauty but redundant acting, Ngo Can Ngon received a lot of love from the audience. Photo: Movie excerpt Dien Hi Cong Luoc – Stupid Anh Lac

3. Chau Tan – Movie The Harem As The Story

For the previous generation, Zhou Xun was one of the “Four Little Flowers” of Chinese cinema, along with Zhao Wei, Zhang Ziyi and Xu Jinglei. Movie The Harem As The Story is a large-scale project that marks the return to the Chinese screen of post-Chau Tan photo. The Harem As The Story is compared with the bow match The Complete Story of the Queen Harem, meaning that Chau Tan’s role was put on the scale with Ton Le. However, it is no coincidence that Chau Tan takes on this heavyweight role. Chau Tan was also commented by the movie world as a real actor, completely capable of competing with Ton Le and taking on other complicated main roles. In addition, the success was beyond expectations Dien Hy Cong Luoc, with the similarity of the scene and the script, the audience is looking forward to Chau Tan’s comeback. At the same time, the debate between the three favorite scripts and actors is a very tough battle but equally fascinating and desirable.

Chinese star 39

Photo: Movie poster The Harem As The Story

4. Religion – Movie That year the full moon bloomed

Dang Sieu once said: “In front of the limelight, the actress’s beauty has two types: one is brilliantly beautiful, makes others can only see, the other is natural beauty, which makes people remember forever. The person in front of him glimpsed passionately like alcohol, in a moment it vanished again. The person behind is serene like tea, inanimate, but deep in heart. Sun Le is the second type of person, I’m sure the audience will still remember it thirty years later. “

Respect in the heart of her co-star and fans is like this: talented and beautiful, both looks and soul move people’s hearts. In the film, the protagonist Chan Hoan is transformed very flexibly by Ton Le, each stage of character, perception and the changing process of the character line. It can be said, later The Complete Story of the Queen Harem then That year the full moon bloomed points add a beautiful mark in the career of “most billion dramas”.

Chinese star 38

Ton Le is the soul of That year the full moon bloomed. Photo: Movie excerpt That year the full moon bloomed – Ton Le as the female lead Chau Doanh

5. Trinh Sang – Movie Xi Khong Dinh Xuan Duc Van

Xi Khong Dinh Xuan Duc Van is a television project adapted from the famous novel of the same name by the author Phã Nga Tu Ton. The film is set in the Qing Dynasty, revolves around the sad love story of a girl Ve Lam Lang (played by Trinh Sang) and Emperor Kangxi (played by Luu Khai Uy). Although the acting is still controversial, but actually Trinh Sang’s performance in the film has made great progress, and is praised by the author as being quite similar to the original character. In addition, the screenplay, colors, background, actors, and especially most of Trinh Sang and Luu Khai Uy’s animations were popular with the audience.

Chinese star 43

The gentle beauty of Trinh Sang in the movie. Photo: Movie excerpt Xi Khong Dinh Xuan Duc Van

Beauty secrets of ancient Chinese royal court

Beauty secrets of ancient Chinese royal court

The ancient Chinese beauties possesses effective beauty secrets to this day.

6. Pham Bang Bang – Movie Vo Tac Thien Truyen Ky and Thang Thien Ha

Chinese star 26

Photo: Movie poster Vo Tac Thien Truyen Ky

After the resounding success of Vo Tac Thien Truyen Ky, Pham Bang Bang continues to make fans “excited” with the monumental quality project Thang Thien Ha. Although there are some problems with the script content and the management side that caused the film to be delayed indefinitely. However, the images of the film being released, regardless of the flawless appearance of Ba Thanh, the nuances, costumes or the film scene … all make the audience look forward to the release of the film.

Chinese star 8

The beautiful beauty of Ba Thanh is talented and beautiful, but her life is also very diligent and the fate of peach blossoms. Photo: Movie Thang Thien Ha

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