When women cut pixie hair, men must be dumbfounded!

Not that you dare to cut Pixie hairstyles to change your appearance, but the fresh and fresh beauty still makes you unable to take your eyes off!

Pixie hair, also known as flat hair, is a modern hairstyle for women. Cool, dynamic and expressing comfort, every summer comes, the hair will be able to “cover” every photo from street style to important events. It’s not like having a strong haircut like a man. Nowadays, girls in the 4.0 era are more free to remove old prejudices.

Just leaving your hair pixie doesn't mean you have lost your feminine sexiness.

Just leaving your hair pixie doesn’t mean you have lost your feminine sexiness. Photo: turquoisedogs.tumblr.com.

If you find that summer is too close, you have no idea to change your appearance? If you see an abundance of long hairstyles, which ones have you worn before? Do not hesitate without consulting the pixie hairstyles below. You may not have the heart to cut your hair after considering it, but human instinct is to like beauty. Why not look at the attractive girls below to see life more colorful?

pixie hair

Photo: http://animorphs.co.vu.


Go Joon Hee

A few years ago, Go Joon Hee’s super stylish with pixie hair in the movie “She Was Pretty” became the inspiration for many Korean girls for a long time. She is widely commented by fans when she dares to shake off her beautiful image but is somewhat blurred with her old long hair to come with short hair.

Go Joon Hee. Photo: picolas.

Go Joon Hee beams with a youthful pixie. Photo: Kdrama Stars 1.

Photo: Agencygarten.

Lee Joo Young

If you are afraid that the pixie hairstyle is difficult to image, look at the way Lee Joo Young poses in the following photos. Lee Joo Young’s youthful and somewhat faint life makes you, no matter what age you are, reminiscent of the beautiful moments of the age of 20. In the spring wind, it is enough to give you a different appearance. It doesn’t take too much effort to become a lovely girl, if your true nature is simple and rustic, why not let those primitive beauty shine?

Lee Joo Young. Photo: AGEVENT.

lee joo young. Photo: HanCinema.


If you love the country of cherry blossoms, perhaps at least once you have seen the image of Tao Okamoto (Mariko). She is a Japanese supermodel and actress, born in Chiba Prefecture, starting her modeling career at the age of 14. Appearing in many international fashion shows, in addition to the professional style of the model, Tao Okamoto was also impressed by his pixie hair and harmonious face. Possessing a slim V-shaped face with a slender Asian body, Tao Okamoto is considered one of the world’s top models. However, she once shared that becoming a model was not her childhood dream.

Japanese supermodel Tao Okamoto is still pretty despite her light makeup. Photo: i.pinimg.

Tao Okamoto personality in Pixie hairstyle.

Supermodel Tao Okamoto personality in Pixie hairstyle. Photo: in Business and Life.

In addition, Pixie hair is also loved by many Japanese ladies, typically in the following variations:

Japanese pixie hair

Photo: ビ ュ ー テ ィ ー ナ ビ.

summer pixie hair

Photo: HAIR[ヘアー].

beautiful pixie hair

Photo: ARINE.


Many familiar faces of artists in Chinese cinema have also passed this individual pixie hair. Whether appearing on the red carpet or recording sessions, their radiant aura also makes the fans admire.

When keeping your hair flat, consult your hair stylist to see if your hair style is long or short. Also, if you want a more wild look, you can use a gel to fix the curls as you like.

Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi is still beautiful in pixie hairstyle.

Zhang Ziyi is beautiful in pixie hairstyle. Photo: Rock-cafe.info.

Ton Le

Photo: m.886bl.

Ton Le pixie hair

Sun Le was first nominated for the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress in Kim Ma 55, the actress looks extremely beautiful with pixie hairstyle. Photo: Yes 娱乐.

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