Hair Diary For Week One-March 2012


Week One

My hair regimen is very dynamic, yes, I have a basic system, which I follow see My Hair Regimen, but as you can tell from my recipes and posts I do not stick with one product or even one recipe. Since recently I did some pretty interesting things to my regimen and I want to share them with you. I will post weekly updates every Friday about what I did with my hair for the week which products I use etc., if you are interested in knowing more about what I do with my hair. My hair type is more 4B than anything else, some parts of my hair are more z than s, see article here.

Six months ago I relaxed my hair at my stylist and after relaxing I decided to do a marathon stretch. You see I got it in my head to try the tex-lax method and to relax my hair myself. I see all the long hair ladies doing it, so I said there must be something to doing your hair yourself.

I dithered with the decision for months to take the self relax route. I was in a dilemma because I am a no-lye lady and Affirm (which I have used for years) is not readily found in the home kit version. As usual I did my research, I went online and I did a search for every no-lye home relaxer kit on the web with good reviews. Thank you to all the ladies who make the time to give product reviews whether good or bad.

After a loooong, thorough search, Organic R/s Root Stimulator Olive Oil No-lye Relaxer kept coming to the forefront of my searches; many persons have used it and gotten good results. The cost is unbelievably low compared to my usual Affirm so I was doubtful at first but I went and got it anyway.


The week before my actual relaxer session I practiced with my Motions CPR. I used my tail comb and I had my timer. This practice provided me with two things: a protein treatment before the actual relaxer session and I got the chance to see how long it would take for me to relax my hair. The recommended time for my hair is 15-20 minutes. I finished applying my CPR in 11 minutes. I felt ready to take the plunge after my masterful attempt with the CPR.

In fact, I felt so confident that I had planned to have my husband do my hair, but he was too busy to practice so I said okay, I will do it myself. I also clipped off my straggly ends in preparation and oiled my hair within an inch of its life with Castor oil. Three days later I relaxed.

Relax hair day (Thursday, March 1)

Exactly six months after my last relaxer, I got my supplies and laid them out on my dressing table like I was in a beauty salon. I was positively nervous, my supplies were:


Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Built-In Protection No Lye Relaxer System kit-Normal Strength (I took out everything, the kit comes with the relaxer application, activator, neutralizing shampoo, ORS replenishing pak conditioner, wrap/set mousse, hair lotion and latex gloves) The crème was enough to relax my 3-inch hair growth with some left over.

  • Extra latex gloves-in case something happened to the one in the kit.
  • Tail combs
  • Motions CPR
  • Towels
  • Applicator Brush
  • Extra hair neutralizer (I was not sure if the shampoo in the kit would be adequate- it was)
  • Hair Clips (4)

The Process

Please bear with me, this post is long but can be of some benefit to first timers and read this too 7 Things To Do Before You Relax Your Hair.

Step 1– I parted my hair in four, it was already oily from my castor oil drenching three days before but I based it with Vaseline again, in the parts and around my hairline and very far down on my forehead. I looked like an oil slick but I felt confident that if by chance the relaxer got on my scalp or anywhere else I would have some protection.

Step 2– I mixed the relaxer with the applicator until it was smooth like yogurt, there is a big warning on the box that if this is not done it could damage your hair, so I gave the solution an extra mix. It was well mixed. I had on my gloves too, forgot to mention that.

Step 3– I started applying the relaxer on my hair with my applicator brush, I started with the back of my hair because that is where my hairdresser always does it-now I know why, it is the most resistant part of my hair. I used a tail comb to part the sections in quarter inches taking care not to make the comb scratch my scalp. I put the brush in the tub came up with a generous amount and applied it to my new growth only. I applied the relaxer close to scalp, I missed some parts the first time around and I did this to the bottom and the top of each part. Did this to all hair sections.

Step 4– went back to the first section where the relaxer was applied and smooth down relaxer with my fingers (next time I am going to use the back of the tail comb). By this time my twenty-minute alarm went off. I started panicking, my husband, was grinning and I was smoothing down my hair like a maniac.

Step 5– I smoothed my hair finishing with my hairline and then I ran to the bathroom, imagining all types of horror stories of hair falling out etc. I had gone 15 minutes over the recommended time for my hair- yikes! Then I had to maneuver my head in the shower because I did not want to rinse out the relaxer out of my hair with the hair in the opposite direction (head hanging down). I am definitely going to invest in one of those detachable showerheads for next time. I rinsed out my hair with cool water, not the warm recommended and then I squeezed it out and applied my Motions CPR.

Step 6– This step is not a part of the ORS system but stolen from my Affirm system. After you put such a high pH solution on your hair, the hair bonds are wide opened and it is the perfect time to add some protein to help with the hairs tensile strength. Affirm utilizes this by having a conditioner treatment done before the neutralizer. So, I followed, I used my ordinary Motions CPR, I was reserving the ORS for later. I massaged it into my hair and left it on for five minutes. I had a timer.

Step 7-Washed out the Motions CPR and used the neutralizer provided with the kit, it was very adequate and I had no need to have back up. For my first wash, I massaged my hair roots thoroughly, I did this for about 10 minutes and then I rinsed out the shampoo, after which I applied the shampoo again massaging for about three minutes and then left it on my hair for five minutes and then washed it out again.

Step 8– My hair felt squeaky clean and it felt really-really good. I have never processed my hair by myself before so I have nothing to compare this feeling to. I dried the excess moisture from my hair with my trusty cotton t-shirt (no towel- too rough) and then I used my ORS Replenishing pak. That conditioner is awesome. It wasn’t enough for my hair though, because I applied it at my hair root first and then ends. I substituted with some Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner at my ends (a recent buy), bundled up my hair put it in a plastic cap and went under the dryer for fifteen minutes.

Step 9– Washed out hair, put some hair mousse on my wet strands, be careful when opening the hair mousse it is liquid and very watery. Set my hair and air dried for a bit and finished off under the dryer. I wrapped it after hence the straight look.

Step 10– Here are the results, I did it! Jig-Jig! I relaxed my own hair. I am now truly self-sufficient when it comes to hair.

Just Arranging The Back- Very Windy

Back View

Front View

Notes: Even though I spent 30 minutes with the relaxer on my hair, my hair was slightly under relaxed, which is good because I did intend to texlax. My take on ORS Olive Oil Relaxer Kit- very good. My hair does not have that just relaxed scent, it did not burn- not even a little bit, and my hair really feels good, I am sold on this thing.

Length Check- Next week.


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